Friday, August 29, 2008

Now that Oracle Bought BEA

This is their application stack road map or whatever. The former BEA products are circled.

Oracle has more information on their road map.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mac Isn't UNIX Under The Covers

It's UNIX. Those covers are UNIX applications.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My MacBook is a Programming Machine

I'm really happy with the way my MacBook is shaping up. It's jet black and looks slick. It has 4GB of memory, and when they say it's UNIX under the covers I say rip off the covers. First, the iLife stuff needs to go. That's not why I bought a sleek black laptop and slapped a big white UNIX sticker on it. Yes, it still does iTunes and photos and all that, but that's all in the Applications folder. My OS Dock, that most prominent feature of the Mac GUI holding a dozen or so easy-to-reach applications on a cool-looking translucent shelf? Mine is arranged a little different from most.

Starting from the right:

  • X11, because unix guy needs his terminal windows
  • Eclipse is my most-used Java development environment, running Tomcat for quick MVC work and JBoss for the more involved JEE.
  • Oxygen XML Editor
  • XCode with the latest SDK for the iPhone (which is in fact the world's best remote control)
  • Google Earth
  • Firefox
  • NetBeans, with built in Glassfish JEE server
  • Emacs
Starting from the left I have the OS management stuff:
  • Finder is of course the quickest way to look through stuff
  • Spaces for even more desktop room
  • VMWare Fusion - currently only Windows XP is installed, but I have OpenSolaris ready to install and should probably download Fedora at some point
  • System Preferences, which I always seem to be tweaking for some reason or another
I run MySQL from a terminal window because I feel I have more control that way. And then there's iLife or MS Office in the Applications folder if I ever need them.