Friday, July 22, 2011

Java 7 Launch Event

Java 7 is scheduled to be GA this summer. A video of the official announcement can be found here:

A summary of Java 7 features (my rough notes from the talk):

JSR 292 - invokedynamic - the davinci machine
more languages on jvm, new bytecode, dynamic languages

Project Coin JSR 334
small changes, syntactic sugar, String in switch, constructor generic inference, multi-catch, try with resources to properly close all resources

Concurrency and collections updates JSR 166y
lightweight fork/join framework

network and file system JSR 203
zip and jar archives

enhanced JMX agent and mbeans from jrockit

security: elliptic curve cryptography, TLS 1.2, DEP

unicode 6.0

Windows Server 2008 support

JDK7 to be released July 28

JDK8 to include jigsaw, closures late 2012 - possible JSON serialization