Saturday, November 1, 2008

My ideal MacBook

Sweet new macbooks, faster bus and memory, new trackpad, and what i really need in the dark, a backlit keyboard. Sure would like to gets me one with 4GB RAM and the largest HD option. Then I'd install some stuff...

First VMWare, Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.10 (desktop and server), bringing the number of operating systems on this laptop to 4.

I'm partial to BSD, so I'd pretty much have my development tools in OS X.

MySQL for the data store...

Eclipse with JBoss, Hibernate, Jena, Jersey... also in Eclipse, pydev and Oxygen plugins.

Netbeans with Glassfish and those same framework libraries...

XCode with the iPhone SDK.

Glassfish and JBoss on the Ubuntu server, where I deploy the applications I build. The Ubuntu desktop iscuz i can haz a learneding enviroment for Ubuntu.

Windoze just in case, and until I find a suitable open source replacement for Visio.

Okay, I just described my current black macbook, but the 'lumin' ones are sweet. That's what I'd do with it.

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