Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Identity Blog

Somewhere along my Googlings I came across the subject of digital identity, which I found days later in a long-forgotten browser tab. Save it! It looks like good reading for later.

Kim Cameron's Identity Blog

The page I had bookmarked, THE LAWS OF IDENTITY, I landed there looking at what people are saying about the term Enterprise 2.0, which far as I can tell is attempting to utilize Web 2.0 social features - blogs, chat, Ergos-Bacon numbers, etc - into a private Intranet setting. The real question is: how do employees use it day-to-day to help them in their jobs? We need a usability study similar to what Jeff Hawkins did when designing the Palm Pilot. The case for usability is easy to make, and lo-fi prototyping can be invaluable in getting a product started in the right direction.

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