Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on Facebook

It looks like people are busy recreating their old haunts online, and the whole gang is showing up.

I've been finding pages like the Dead Cafe Poet's Society dedicated to the gone-but-not-forgotten Las Vegas coffee house scene (yes such a thing did exist), and a group called Las Vegas Alternative Scene: the 1990s which is really just a collection of people who used to hang out in places like the Enigma, Cafe Copioh, Double Down Saloon, and the KUNV DJ booth. I'm looking through photos, finding old familiar faces, and clicking on them. I am literally getting in touch with people through a picture.

High School? Yeah, we got 'em. Ever re-connect with people by clicking on a 4th grade class photo? In true social network style, you connect with one old friend, look through their friends and photos, and pretty soon the gang's all here.

Before you know it, this will seem normal. Staying in touch will be the default, and all our friendships will last a lifetime. If it's not facebook, it will be something else, but the technology is proven to work.

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