Sunday, August 23, 2009

More and Better Links

Plugging In

I am at the moment marveling at an order of magnitude improvement in information flow. Not only volume, but also the tools to filter, route, search, organize, and share.

So here's a few links of interest coming through the feeds lately.

TWEET IDEAS: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet

Personal Health Records - Who are the key PHR providers and how are they handling lab results?

Soon we will all be e-Patients

Me, I'm working at one of those HIEs beginning to link patients directly to their own health data.

While the government attempts to pave the way for a national health information network.

So we can all have our own Personal Health Records (PHR).

A view from inside the HealthVault — Reviving The Health Revolution
The whole world is interested in this:

From Twitter, I got a report from iHealthBeat on the use of Twitter in Healthcare.

Also, a discussion of social media in healthcare.

And that's just the past few weeks. How about a medical wiki like Medpedia?

Speaking of wikis, try the Knowledge Mobilization Works Wiki / Wiki101

Not to mention the reference manuals, I'm a JEE/SOA type guy, so...

That's enough for now. I expect we will all get better at managing information, channel it from many sources into the most useful format we can manage. As the tools improve so does my skill at using them.

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